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Our focus at The Bailiwick is using locally sourced ingredients to create familiar and comforting pub classics. To complement Steven & Ami’s vision, we have put together a diverse selection of wines from around the world, discovering new, up and coming producers as well as paying homage to the classics.

Please speak to a member of our team if you have any questions about the wines within and we will be happy to assist in your selection.

“Here’s to Alcohol, the rose-coloured glasses of Life!”
F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Sparkling Wine & Champagne

Champagne and Sparkling Wine by the Glass


“Remember, gentlemen, it’s not just France we are fighting for, it’s Champagne!”
– Sir Winston Churchill

Sparkling Wines

Light, fresh and easy going, for any occasion.

Rosé Wines

Whether you’re a lover of dry wine from Provence with flavours of raspberries and cream, or a sweet one from California that tastes of strawberry laces, we’re sure to have the rosé for you.

Wines - By the Glass & Carafe

White Wines - By the Glass & Carafe

Red Wines - By the Glass & Carafe

Rosé Wines - By the Glass & Carafe

Sherry - By the Glass

Sweet Wines - By the Glass

Port - By the Glass

Hot Drinks


Ozone, New Zealand

Established in 1998, Ozone strives to create quality speciality coffee, sourced responsibly and sustainably. The Empire Blend we use at The Bailiwick is rich and smooth, with notes of chocolate, nougat, caramel, and orange.

Liqueur Coffee


Tregothnan, Cornwall

Home to the Boscawen family, the private estate has persevered in pioneering botanical firsts since 1334. Inspired by tradition stretching back generations, they planted the first ever tea in the UK in 1999 and began supplying England`s first and only tea in 2005.

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